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Two Cast For ABC’s Goyer-Braga

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Courtney B. Vance (“Law & Order: Criminal Intent”) and Jack Davenport (“Swingtown”) have been cast in ABC’s sci-fi pilot “Flash Forward.” David S. Goyer (“Blade: The Series”) and Brannon Braga (“Star Trek: Enterprise”) – who earlier collaborated on CBS’ short-lived alien-invasion drama “Threshold” – scripted “Flash Forward,” based on the sci-fi novel by Robert J. Sawyer. The book is about what happens when physicists, conducting a super-high-energy experiment, accidentally cause everyone on Earth to experience two minutes and 17 seconds of his or her own future 21 years hence. A lot of people were driving cars when their consciousnesses left their bodies for more than two minutes, so the experience is memorable for many reasons. The Hollywood Reporter describes:
Vance will play Stan Wedeck, the Los Angeles bureau chief of the FBI. Davenport will play Lloyd Simcoe, who is trapped in Northern California when the event occurs and struggles to reach his son in a Southland hospital.
Goyer, who wrote and directed “Blade: Trinity,” is expected to direct the pilot. Read all of The Hollywood Reporter’s story on the matter here!


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