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LORD OF THE RINGS casting: Sean Astin confirmed as Sam

Chris Kivlehan over at Cinescape confirmed up my story of Sean Astin being locked down for Sam Gamgee. Just so ya know, this was one of the casting choices that I did have confirmation on, but it's always nice for an outside media source to confirm it on up, though I did do the leg work. Personally, I really do think that Elijah and Sean are going to have fantastic chemistry together. They have a looooong road to travel in this film and ya know... I think that ring is in good hands. Here's what Chris wrote me...

I put in a few calls to official types today and received an off-the-record confirmation of Ain't It Cool's report that Sean Astin will play Sam Gamgee. After anonymity was agreed to, I was told simply that "He's in." I thought the three of you might be interested in that. Looks like two members of the Fellowship are set in stone. Good work, Harry.


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