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By Admiral Cain’s Treadmill!! Next Month’s Webisodes To Reveal Shocking BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Secrets!!

I am – Hercules!!
From one of our most reliable sources ever:
The new Battlestar Galactica webisodes "The Face of the Enemy" start going on line next month. Two recurring male characters are revealed to be gay.
One hears the first webisode was shown at some sort of Producers Guild event or something. Full-on making out was apparently part of the fun! Who are the recurring males? Gaeta, whose very name has “gay” in it, never seemed too interested in the girls – but perhaps that’s too obvious? My money’s on Tigh and Tyrol. Remember how sore Tigh got when he found out the chief was secretly boning Boomer? The series' final 10 episodes launch on SciFi Jan. 16. UPDATE!! Galactica Sitrep reveals the happy couple is comprised of Lt. Gaeta and Lt. Hoshi, the former Pegasus communications officer. Sorry, all you Tigh/Tyrol shippers!

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