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If There's A Second Season Of KNIGHT RIDER, Will The Hoff Return For Father/Son Adventures Of The Week??

Merrick here...
John sent in a message from AFM (HERE), where a producer of the ANACONDA franchise discussed plans to realize further installments, and whether or not Hasselhoff would appear in them. Here's what John had to say:
The producers of Sony's 2009 release Anaconda 4 (or whatever it was called) which stars David Hasselhoff said they're going to make more of them, but it won't star David. He said that David will probably be too busy to do a 5th film in the series (he did 3 & 4 back to back) because he's returning to TV. The plan for the next season of KNIGHT RIDER, says he, is for David Hasselhoff to be a regular on the show. He'd be teamed with his on-screen son Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening) to solve weekly adventures in the hopes that that boosts ratings. I wish them luck ;) resurrect Devon I say!
A few days ago, we heard that KNIGHT RIDER was shedding some stars & reshaping its format to better evoke the original series (details HERE). But, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first indication we've heard that The Hoff - a new series' "guest star" - would assume a substantially more prominent role should the ratings-challenged series continue past its existing full season order.

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