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The Harrison Ford U.S. Immigration Drama, CROSSING OVER has a trailer!

Hey folks, Harry here... Earlier this year I saw a great U.S. Immigration drama called THE VISITOR. It seems Lou Dobbs has effectively drilled into the minds of Hollywood, the notion of Border Tales. Modern stories of immigration gone wrong. In Wayne Kramer's film trailer, we're introduced to the phrase, "Immigration Gestapo." So that will give you an idea of how the film is approaching things. It seems that the story is spread out to give you an overview of the problem - sort of like TRAFFIC did for drugs. Now, I like Wayne Kramer's work... THE COOLER is simply fantastic and RUNNING SCARED was simply never seen by nearly enough folks. It'll be interesting to see how this does, and how the final film plays out. It'll also be interesting to see how Immigration Policy changes with Obama in as President. Here ya go...

Click Here To Watch Ford & Liotta Be INS bastards!

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