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Is WONDER WOMAN Zeroing In On Her Director??

Merrick here...
This should've been posted yesterday, but anything that could get in the in the way. In short: IESB is reporting that a particular director's name is "circling" the long-in-development WONDER WOMAN movie project. It's not clear at this time if said director is actually attached to the project already, or simply one on a rabble of candidates who may be under consideration. Said director's name? McG. Given that TERMINATOR SALVATION is a Warners film and WONDER WOMAN is as well, this kind of migration/attachment makes sense in many political ways. And, given the surprising okayness of recently leaked TERMINATOR SALVATION footage, maybe this news isn't as icky as it might once have seemed. Of course, I haven't seen TERMINATOR SALVATION, so what do I know? Read more details...


This news comes shortly after the revelation that Beyonce wants to play Wonder Woman (HERE) and has already met with Warners & DC towards this end.

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