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Further details on Ron Moore's departure from "Star Trek"

Glen here...

with a quick follow-up to yesterday's report about writer / producer Ron Moore leaving Star Trek: Voyager.

Earlier today, the following message concerning Ron Moore's departure from Star Trek: Voyager was posted on USENET (internet newsgroups).

The USENET message read:


Subject: Save Trek. . .from Berman and Braga

From: "recook77"

Date: Fri, 02 July 1999 12:53 AM EDT

Message-id: <7liqfp$>

I've just received an e-mail from an acquaintance who's filled me in some more on the Moore debacle. Geez, I thought it was bad, but I had no clue. He confirms Braga's evisceration of Moore's script for "Survival Instinct," and provides me with other details as well. THIS is going to piss you off.

My acquaintance compares the scenario to Richard III, "with Brannon as the master manipulator." Apparently, Braga held a staff meeting before Moore came aboard, in which he basically threatened that anyone who'd side with Moore against him would be fired. From there, he began holding secret meetings at his house to which Moore wasn't invited. And then, of course, the flap over "Survival Instinct."

Moore went to Berman to complain about how he was being treated; Berman refused to support him; and Moore jumped ship. Moore had been promised that he would be able to help create the new Trek series. As it turns out, this was a false promise: the series would be Berman and Braga's baby alone. When he learned this, he quit.

My acquaintance tells me that Moore's too classy to talk about the matter publicly, although he's understandably hurt and betrayed. After the support he gave Braga both on staff and online, and the times they collaborated, this has *got* to hurt. Poor guy. The rumors about Moore taking a leave of absence for 'personal reasons' are false."

((end USENET quote))


Interestingly enough, this post jibes quite nicely with information sent in by sources inside Paramount. These sources (named THE FABRINI) sent Coaxial a message today, which is reproduced (in part) below:

"Ron Moore is leaving VOYAGER in the next few days.

Ron made the decision to leave, he is not being fired.

There were no creative differences or arguments over the content of the show between Ron Moore and Brannon Braga.

((Glen Note: this might be spin control, as I have repeatedly heard indications of troubles surrounding a script called...ironically enough...."Survival Instinct".))

Ron believes that promises made to him by Brannon were not kept. His trust was abused the point that he cannot work with Braga - or trust him again.

This is the end of his long relationship with TREK.

Additionally: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have been developing the next Star Trek television series and keeping that a secret from Moore."

Glen again: It should be noted that Berman and Braga's proposed new Star Trek series (referenced above) has long been considered the purview of Ron Moore. In fact, several sources indicate Moore had already been approached about developing the new show.


A message sent in by SHAKAAR offers an intriguing (if disturbing) suggestion as to what might come next:

"Moore will be offering some sort of public statement about his departure from STAR TREK rather soon, probably sometime next week.

Ron l...o...v...e...s STAR TREK. He loves it. Loves it. To Ron, this betrayal would be tantamount to a married person discovering their spouse having an affair, or a family member dying horrifically.

Ron's announcement will be understated and diplomatic. His pain and disillusionment will not be evident because that is the kind of person Ron is. He does not sling mud, he does not attack. Berman and Braga's voices will be heard louder because of their position. Many people are feeling sad that Ron might not be heard as clearly.

It is important for your readers to know what Berman and Braga's actions truly represent, and not let Ron's kind nature whitewash the meanness of what happened here. Ron will not be forgotten by those he is leaving behind, and neither will the circumstances leading to his departure."


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