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Sigh... Steven Spielberg & Will Smith To Castrate OLDBOY?

Hey folks, Harry here.... Here's a host of elements that on their own... taste great, but when mixed together... sounds like Chocolate, Tuna Fish and Beets. Something I really don't want. I love OLDBOY, I was the first Western Critic to see the film. It is still the only film that I've ever recorded a commentary for. It is absolutely a brilliant film. We've known for years that Universal intended to remake OLDBOY. For years it was looking like Justin Lin was going to be directing it. There were rumors about Martin Scorsese at one point. Now, Michael Fleming at Variety is telling us that The King of July 4th... and simply THE KING - have decided to work on their first project together... a remake of my beloved OLDBOY. This scares the hell out of me. Obviously, this will be a huge American Blockbuster film now. But this story in noway fits that format. This is a film and a story that's a screaming whisper. Personally, Will would need to disappear in the role, and disappearing isn't his forte. This isn't a fast track film, they're just beginning to process - they haven't even found a writer yet (Paul Schrader, Steven - you could get him to write it. He's the only man I'd be interested in writing this film, for you and Will to make. Sadly, I think the script would frighten both of them, but that's the entire point of this movie. If it isn't scary, fucked up and disturbing, leaving the audience scarred and trembling afterwards - everyone involved has FUCKED IT UP! Only make this if that's what you're aiming to do. Otherwise, you're wasting everyone's time. Upon further reflection - I've decided that under no circumstances should Will Smith play the lead character, but rather the mastermind behind it all... and Spielberg should cast James Gandolfini in the lead role. Can you folks imagine how to make this work out?

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