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UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 3 Moving Ahead!! Peter Hyams Shooting But Not Directing?? Van Damme Is In!! Dolph Has 'No Value'!?!?

Merrick here...
Van Damme, currently in the midst of significant re-invention via films like JCVD and FULL LOVE, is apparently not ready to give up his roots entirely. In an interview with MTV, he revealed more details about the oft-mentioned UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 3 project (which may or may not be a theatrical film). He's in it, sorta. He's shooting for 10 days...which won't make for too big a role. However Dolph Lundgren, with whom he co-starred in the original Emmerich & Devlin UNIVERSAL SOLDIER film, won't be returning, per The Powers That Be.
“I told them, guys bring in Dolph! They said there’s no more value [to cast him]. I said, ‘it will have value with me!’”
..Van Damme told MTV in THIS INTERVIEW. "No value to cast him"!?!? That's kinda fucked up. Van Damme also confirmed rumors that Peter Hyams, who directed Jean-Claude in TIMECOP and SUDDEN DEATH, will serve as DP on the project for US3 director Simon Fellows (UNTIL DEATH, SECOND IN COMMAND). To the best of my knowledge, this will be the first time Hyams (who traditionally shoots his own films) has DPed for a film he did not also direct.

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