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More Gigantic SNL Ratings!!
Plus Learn Who’s On Monday’s Pre-Taped Pre-Election Special!!

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POST-WEEKEND UPDATE: Saturday’s Affleck-hosted SNL featuring Tina Fey and the real McCains once again outperformed the overwhelming majority of primetime programming last week. If one excludes one episode, it was the most-watched SNL in 14 years. From Monday morning’s Hollywood Reporter :
Saturday night's show was only upstaged in the ratings this year -- and since 1997 -- by the Oct. 18 "SNL" where Palin made an actual appearance. That show, which averaged a 10.7 rating/24 share and eventually more than 13 million viewers, was the highest-rated "SNL" since 1994.
A spy has the dope on Monday night’s primetime SNL election special:
The show is a compilation tonight. There is new material (taped) -- including the real McCain and Palin in new intro's to clip packages. Also -- there's Amy as Hillary Clinton, some Barack/McCain stuff with Fred and Darrell (who also plays Chris Matthews and Fred Thompson in other taped pieces), Jason as Joe Biden, Kristen Wiig as Nancy Pelosi as well as Will Forte as John Edwards.

ORIGINAL POST: “Saturday Night Live” mastermind Lorne Michaels says Barack Obama had to bow out of two previous booked appearances this season; he missed a sketch with William Shatner in the season opener because of a hurricane and he missed a subsequent appearance to visit his ailing grandmother. Obama this week appeared on “Extra” with Mario Lopez, on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” and on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” So it would be a little weird if he skipped the last SNL before the election. Word is John McCain will appear on tonight’s episode, but that won’t keep Obama away; the two candidates recently traded post-debate quips at the Al Smith dinner. Michael Calderone at says host Ben Affleck has been rehearsing a sketch about MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann:
A source described the skit as “savage,” in portraying Olbermann as a deranged person living at home with his mother. Affleck, said a source, became uneasy with Olbermann in attendance at the 3 p.m., closed-set rehearsal.
"American Idol" winner David Cook is the musical guest. There’s also an election-eve SNL-branded clip-show special airing Monday in primetime. The ratings for all things SNL have been spectacular this season, spectacular enough to keep the show on the air until the next presidential campaign gears up in two years. 11:30 p.m. Saturday. NBC. This gets my vote for the most effective campaign ad of the election: And this just made me laugh:

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