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Harry is off for Minnesota and the CONvergence fan convention!

Hey folks... Harry here. Well, in about 12 hours I'll be flying up to Bloomington, Minnesota for a convention called CONvergence. It's a fantasy/sci-fi convention that felt the strange and peculiar desire to invite me and Father Geek up to... well Be Harry and Father Geek.

I went because Forrest Ackerman is going, and well... he's cool. So I will go where the master goes!

The con begins July 2,3,4... well... Actually that's the dates... all of them... for the convention. It is being held at the Radisson Hotel South in BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA. I'm not entirely sure where this is. I heard it's somewhere around the Twin Cities... but... I really don't know.

I do know, that I'm supposed to be smart and entertaining. Hah Hah... How much you wanna wager on that? "Harry's a stupid fat fuck!"--- Most common phrase heard at CONvergence!

I'm supposed to be doing talks or panels I believe on the following subject matters. "The 10 Best Fantasy Films Of All Time" (hint... Beastmaster, Kull The Conqueror, Dragonheart... Just Kidding. Actually It'll probably end up being broader than that, since I loathe lists... Instead I'll be discussing the Fantasy film genre... Secret info on LORD OF THE RINGS, what's wrong with modern fantasy filmmaking. A look back at the magic that was... And what we fans, yes it'll be a discussion, really want from the genre)

Then there is the "IF IT AIN'T BROKE WHY REMAKE IT?" (I'm sure you can guess the subject matter of this panel. I'll be giving my thoughts on the theory of remakes. Ones that worked... Ones that didn't. And then we'll have fun playing like an idiot executive with a Maltin Guide finding 4 Star movies like HARVEY and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and think how we and our minimal creative brain centers will likely screw it all up!)

Next is, "STAR WARS - SO... HOW GOOD IS THE NEW ONE?" (Feel free to take part in what I anticipate to be a spirited screaming match. I'll be discussing... well, the goods the bads and the uglies. George Lucas, does he still have the magic? Is it time to hand it over, bring in a partner or breathe fresh life into it... or Leave it as is.)

And then it's, "HOLLYWOOD IS SO CUTE WHEN IT TRIES TO SHOW THE NET" (This'll be two fold. Talking about the wonderfully creative MAIL PROGRAMS hollywood versions of web browsers have.... As well as the annoying digital beeping of each letter depression. Then the way Hollywood depicts the internet to the media)

"WHY DID 'JOHNNY MNEMONIC' SUCK AND 'THE MATRIX' ROCK?" (Well duh... This will also go into, what goes into adapting fan based materials into cool movies successfully. We'll talk about the problems of the development process, why they never get smart and hire Paul Dini, the films that Hollywood still won't let the Wachowski's make, why Keanu Reeves isn't responsible for the success of THE MATRIX and so on)

"HAS THE RODDENBERRY LEGACY SPUTTERED OUT?" (We'll talk about the glory of the Star Trek high years, the coolness void that is the current management, the short sighted lack of faith that Paramount always seems to treat STAR TREK with. What we dream it could be, what it really is, and whether it's time for it to die for a generation or two)

Beginning tomorrow at sometime, I'll be staying at my hotel... The Radisson Hotel South. The phone number there will be: (612)835-7800, but I do not yet know my room number. I will be updating from the convention... And I look forward to partying with all them Vikings folks. By the way... It's now my understanding that the hotel is basically in Minneapolis.... It's called the Radisson Hotel South and Plaza Tower! Richard Elfman is showing a Vampire flick there. Apparently the convention has an autograph table for me... Though... for the life of me I can't imagine anyone having anything for me to sign. But if you come up to this table... it'll be the one that nobody is standing in front of... I'll be the fat redhead behind it with a look like.... "Wow... More nothingness standing before me. My... I love noble lonliness. It's sort of like them Gorillas on that mountain... Well... wait that was plural. Ummmm... Well hell... I don't know"

There are apparently all types of parties... where again I'll be the lonely guy in the corner thinking about how cool SLEEPY HOLLOW will be.

And remember if it looks like I'm gonna rape ya... that's just cause I'm so excited to see another human being. I don't get let out of my cage too often, so I might pull that Tarzan, hand, heart thingee. Hopefully, I'll see ya there! The convention hotline (24 hours) is 612-996-9224. Come on... keep me company. Ya can't hang at the mall everynight... can ya. I'll also be organizing the MALL OF AMERICA AICN ANTI-NRG INFILTRATION RING!!! So... come join the fun!

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