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Singleton Flees THE A-TEAM!!

Merrick here...
John Singleton has departed the long-in-development A-TEAM movie 'cause Fox rescheduled its release & wanted even more rewrites than the project has already endured. The film has now been pushed back to a June 2010 release at the earliest. So says THIS ARTICLE in Variety. This doesn't come as a particular surprise. A-TEAM was originally positioned as a Summer 2009 months away. But no casting (that we're aware of) and no shooting have occurred to date, pretty much assuring certain doom for its intended June 12 '09 unveiling. ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKUEL is, however, on course for a Christmas 2009 release. Whew! I'm dying to know what happened on THE A-TEAM. Given the shitty quality of scripts Fox systematically greenlights, I'm guessing A-TEAM must have either sucked something fierce...or someone got the idea to reboot the thing into a zany comedy or something & Singleton bolted.

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