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Yeah, that SpikeTV WATCHMEN footage is online. You'll want to see this...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. This footage is mostly a reworking of the Comic-Con footage, but with a few goodies in there for us Con attendees... or at least the 10,000 lucky enough to get into the hall. The more we see of WATCHMEN, the more amazing it looks. Can Snyder really have pulled this off? I think the answer is going to be a resounding yes... however, we still haven't seen much character interaction and no full scenes played out. But I gotta believe this movie's great. After the test screening reviews and the footage we have all seen now, it just has to rock. Let's hope we can all see it and Fox doesn't fuck it up. If it was any studio that'd some how fuck us out of seeing a good superhero movie, even if it was at another studio, it'd be Fox. Anyway, here's the footage... and some pretty massive spoilers, I think, if you don't know the graphic novel. Enjoy!'s capture of the footage up on YouTube here!!!

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