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Rudy Ray Moore was his name and fuckin' up muthafuckas was his game!!!

Hey guys. Quint here. Looks like 2008 has claimed another larger than life icon of cinema. Rudy Ray Moore might not be as well known as Isaac Hayes was, but his influence was just as profound. Like most people, I was first introduced to Moore via his title role in the down and dirty independent blaxploitation classic DOLEMITE. “Who?” “Dolemite, muthafucka!”

In fact, I actually first saw him in the trailer for DOLEMITE that played on a loop, it seemed, in the early days of the Alamo Drafthouse. The Dolemite trailer is one of the most amazing pieces of movie advertising I’ve ever seen. I had Dolemite’s rap from the end of the trailer memorized before I even saw the movie.

The Drafthouse ended up not just showing DOLEMITE, but also bringing Rudy Ray Moore down to do his live comedy show. Imagine Don Rickles if he were an aged blaxploitation star and you’re close. I remember hoping to God that Rudy Ray Moore wouldn’t pick me out of the audience. He didn’t, but he did get to Harry’s dad, known around these parts as Fathergeek. He wasn’t mean to Fathergeek, but he did refer to him as Ol’ Father Time, I guess because of his long white beard.

My very limited interaction with Moore was after his set when he was autographing CDs of his comedy and, of all things, backscratchers. Somewhere in this house I have a Rudy Ray Moore backscratcher autographed to me by the man himself. The only memory I have of our brief meeting was that he asked for my name. “Eric,” I told him and he then drew it out as he signed, “To… Aaaiiirrr-Eeekkk.” I don't think I was much older than 17 at the time.

Moore’s claim to fame was Dolemite, but he had a slew of incredibly enjoyable, fun, fucked-up vulgar movies in the ‘70s. This includes DISCO GODFATHER, THE MONKEY HUSTLE (co-starring Yaphet Kotto), Dolemite sequel THE HUMAN TORNDADO and, possibly my favorite work of his PETEY WHEATSTRAW. I can’t even begin to explain that movie, but it’s a must see, the kind of movie that you can’t believe exists… which are some of my favorite kinds of movies.

Here’s a taste:

I’ve been talking with Beaks about this as I’ve been writing this up and he brought up a great quote from Moore himself, a fitting epitaph. I will close with this passage:
If I should die, have my balls soaked in alcohol, lay my dick on my chest And tell all these good cock bitches that ole Shine has gone to rest. Shine died and went to hell. The devil said, "All you bitches, you better climb the wall, Cause ole Shine done come down here to fuck us all!"
I couldn’t have said it better myself. Rudy Ray Moore was one of a kind and he will be missed. My thoughts today are with Rudy Ray Moore’s friends, family and fans.


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