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Seth Rogen Serious About THE GREEN HORNET Bein' Funny!

Beaks here...

So much for Stephen Chow making his "kung-fu WERCKMEISTER HARMONIES". Seth Rogen talked to the internet this past weekend, and put to rest any lingering doubts about the tone of THE GREEN HORNET. In short: Chow wants funny, so Rogen and Evan Goldberg are going to write funny. Here's what Rogen told
"One day we want to make a serious film and then Stephen Chow comes in with a good idea and we're like, 'Well it's funny.' Should we not do it because we originally wanted to do a serious film? We come from, nah fuck it, we'll just take the idea that seems good."
Very wise. Speaking of tone, Rogen talked OBSERVE AND REPORT with When I wrote about Jody Hill's excellent script last June, it was already shaping up to be a very... uncomfortable comedy. Turns out "uncomfortable" wasn't good enough for Hill and Rogen:
"It’s like a comedic TAXI DRIVER."
So it's THE KING OF COMEDY? I'll take that. By the way, OBSERVE AND REPORT has test screened twice in Los Angeles, and we haven't received a single reader review (same goes for THIS SIDE OF THE TRUTH and that huge Portland preview of WATCHMEN). Kudos to WB and their new, "We're going to murder your happiness if you write in to AICN" non-disclosure agreements. Only took y'all, what, ten years? Sorry about THE AVENGERS.

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