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Damn Brad Pitt Is One Sexy Nazi Killing Inglourious Basterd!

Hey folks, Harry here... I'm incredibly curious about INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. LOVE the script - and I'm intrigued by the casting, mainly because it isn't like any of Quentin's other films. He said he was writing characters without pre-casting the film as he has done his other films - and that his casting process was to find the right actor for to bring those characters to life. One of the sure fire home runs, is Brad Pitt as the leader of the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - Lt. Aldo Raine. A fantastic character. I was chatting with Eli Roth online yesterday, who says that Brad is beyond cool & fun on the set - and then today I get an image of Brad as Lt. Aldo Raine - Here's the Head Basterd!

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