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Paramount begins to release images from JJ's STAR TREK - pick up new Entertainment Weekly!

Hey folks, Harry here... The cover of the new Entertainment Weekly has Kirk & Spock v.2.0 on the cover doing their best "strike a pose" - but inside the issue is the real treats - actual shots from the film. It is strange, it feels like a million years ago when JJ showed me the brief snippets of STAR TREK that he was willing to share, but looking at the below still of Sylar as SPOCK - I can't help but remember just how perfect he was in the scenes I saw. Quinto nailed the Nimoy thing. Had the eyebrow gymnastics down and the slight wry irony of observing these Humans down perfectly. I just can't wait to see the next trailer which will really give everyone an idea of what this film is. HOWEVER, for you STAR TREK junkies - pick up the new ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, as it's the first step to lifting the veil of secrecy off the direction of this beloved franchise. Click the below image to embiggen...

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