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Hey folks, Harry here... What A Bummer! I followed up with Frank Darabont about the below story, and unfortunately it is true. Frank and the production parted ways over a week ago. Oh well, my enthusiasm for the production has now ebbed.

I am – Hercules!!
Longtime AICN contributor Elston Gunn, who on Monday got himself a 7lbs. 13oz. baby daughter, also has this:
Hey, guys. I have an extremely reliable source who says '[Frank] Darabont is out of LAW ABIDING CITIZEN and I mean really out. It apparently ended ugly.' So take that and do what you will.
The project is negotiating with Jamie Foxx ("Dreamgirls," "The Kingdom") to play a man who turns vigilante after the killer of his wife and daughter is set free via plea agreement. Gerard Butler (Nim's Island," "RockNRolla") plays one of the vigilante's targets: the assistant district attorney who hatched the plea deal. The script is by Kurt Wimmer ("Sphere," "The Recruit," "Equilibrium," "Ultraviolet"). Former Warner Independent Pictures exec Mark Gill's new Film Department company is producing the thriller. If Darabont ("The Shawshank Redemption," "The Green Mile," "The Mist") or anyone else knows differently, he knows how to get in touch with us …

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