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Josh Brolin To Play DC Comics' JONAH HEX??

I am – Hercules!!
DC Comics' Harvey Dent-ish Old West bounty hunter Jonah Hex may be played by aging Goonie Josh Brolin in a big-screen adaptation written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor ("Crank"). A veteran of the Confederate army, the surly, whiskey-swilling Hex made his funnybook debut in a 1972 issue of All-Star Western. He lost a good hunk of his face to a hot Apache tomahawk. Find all of Variety’s story on the matter here.

Hey folks, Harry here - Just wanted to comment on this story. A year ago, right when Josh Brolin was about to come out in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, there was a rumor that he was about to star in the feature film version of DALLAS. The trades picked this up - and it was everywhere. However, when I talked to Brolin it was something he was considering and thinking about, but had pretty much decided not to do it. Instead, he did W for Oliver Stone. Brolin may very well end up being JONAH HEX for the directing/writing team behind CRANK, but he has been known to dodge out of "rumored" projects before. Before banking on this, I'd wait for Brolin's folks to confirm, which they haven't... yet. That said, I hope Brolin takes this on. And I hope the filmmakers reach out to Rick Baker's team to mess up his face brilliantly. I hope the script is a lot better than the pedigree of CRANK would suggest. That was a fun film, but tonally - JONAH HEX is completely different. And I hope there's alot more thought and care to this script. JONAH HEX is a great character and deserves the very best. Josh is a step in that direction if the material is up to par for his taste.

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