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James Gunn and Quint discuss how to make PG PORN with Nathan Fillion, Michael Rosenbaum, Aria Giovanni, Belladonna & Sasha Grey!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Boy, am I going to porn out the site today. Later today I will post my one on one with Kevin Smith about his Porn-centered flick, but first I have a short email interview I did with James Gunn, director of SLITHER, who has a new project hitting the airwaves and net today called PG PORN, a run of comedy shorts starring real life porn stars as well as Gunn regulars Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum. The first episode featuring Nathan Fillion and Aria Giovanni aired today on SpikeTV and is available on their website. For more information, I ended up chatting with Mr. Gunn about the series. It’s a fun, funny chat full of vomit, blood and herpes. Nothing but the good stuff for you guys. I also have some exclusive stills that Gunn assures me haven’t been anywhere else but here. Also look for a brief update on his upcoming project PETS! Enjoy!

Quint: You ate a fly last time we talked [at Comic-Con]. What do you plan on swallowing to kick off this email interview (keep in mind the subject matter we're covering)?

James Gunn: It's true. The last time we talked a bug -- not sure it was a fly -- flew into my mouth and down my throat. It got stuck in there. I think the little dude was struggling in there trying to get out. As you might imagine, I found this unpleasant (though probably not as unpleasant as the bug found it). After you left the room, I made myself vomit. It's only the second time in my life I've made myself vomit. The first time I had food poisoning. As for your jizz eating joke -- no, I'm probably not going to eat jizz, unless someone's cum-dosed my coffee. In fact, NO ONE in PG PORN eats jizz of any type. You can safely shake the hands of our porn stars directly after shooting.

Quint: So, what is the origin of PG Porn and isn't that a contradiction in terms?

James Gunn: My brothers Brian and Sean and I came up with PG PORN years ago. We'd talk about all sorts of scenarios where you take the typical porn set-up and things would somehow go wrong. When I was a kid I'd go see X-rated movies in a theater with my friends. I would rarely get turned on -- it was all about laughing at the strangeness of the acting and cinematography and story lines. PG PORN is basically about the fun of that -- and it works perfectly in the Palin/McCain era. I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin would love PG PORN. She's about as into not fucking as you can possibly be and have twenty-seven kids.

Quint: You have Nathan Fillion back, along with Michael Rosenbaum. Did they attract Aria Giovanni, Belladonna and Sasha Grey or vice-versa?

James Gunn: I actually had the girls first. I use them as bait.

Quint: I would like to address one of the comments made on the Hollywood Reporter article announcing the project. Did you in fact want your **** sucked by herpes riddled whores as suggested by "da knowledge?"

James Gunn: Hm. Interesting. I'm a bit embarrassed as I'm not familiar with Da Knowledge's online work (I do, of course, have all of his books). To answer his question: Yes, I DO very much want my dick sucked by herpes riddled whores.

Quint: Maybe it's just me growing up with movies like Cry Baby, but I love the idea of bringing porn stars into different mediums. Obviously, you agree or else you wouldn't have worked with people like Jenna Haze or the trio in PG Porn. And really, how could you make PG Porn without real porn stars?

James Gunn: It really is part of the fun. All of us are in the entertainment industry, but the gap between what we do and what they do is so huge -- both in terms of how it's perceived by the audience and in terms of what they actually need to go through to bring something to the screen. I, for instance, don't need to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to give myself an enema because I have an anal scene that day. My enemas are just for the pure enjoyment of it. And they're in the afternoon.

Quint: Speaking of, who were harder to handle while filming? The regular actors or the porn actresses?

James Gunn: Rosenbaum. Because he keeps goofing around while I'm trying to get my shots. It's one of the drawbacks of working with your friends. Everyone else was a dream. The adult stars were in some ways more fun because they were all having such a great time -- acting of this sort was a completely different experience for them.

Quint: So, if PG Porn is popular are you going to do follow-ups? Maybe sequels? PG-13 porn? Or, get really historical film ratings on us and go with GP Porn...

James Gunn: GP PORN? That's ridiculous! No, we did talk about having a PG-13 PORN which has two people just about to fuck when, suddenly, one of them rips the other one's heart out like in TEMPLE OF DOOM. But the truth is, besides not showing sex and nudity, PG PORN really isn't too PG after all. There's plenty of violence, some cursing, and a lot of almost-sex that would have the MPAA freaking out if we put it in, say, SHREK.

Quint: Were you allowed to go hog wild with this stuff? Is that why you have been doing a lot of short work lately, with this and Humanzee for Xbox Live? Is that the appeal? To be able to work with your brothers and just come up with crazy shit?

James Gunn: Yeah, the appeal is that I get to do whatever I want to do. I'm also able to deliver a lot of content quickly, and take risks with the tone and humor. I'm able to do an edgier, darker comedy than what would be allowed by a major studio.

Quint: What's new with Pets? What else do you have cooking?

James Gunn: With PETS? Nothing. Just turned in the second draft. We'll see how it goes. I have another film project I'm working on. But mostly my hands are full with PG-PORN, HUMANZEE!, another Xbox show I'm working on with Mikaela Hoover, and another project I'm working on with the singer Terra Naomi. Not to mention the Xbox stuff I'm just producing.

Quint: Your MySpace blogs are hilarious. Will you be compiling them into a book at some point?

James Gunn: No. If only because I steal too many photos off the internet. Recently, I posted a photo of "a guy who I kinda knew who killed himself" in a list of tattoos I would would never get. It was just some guy's high school photo I found on the internet. If he sues me now, I just take his photo down and it's over. If he sues me with the book, we'd have to recall everything. And the books would be ruined! And I wouldn't release the books without his goofy photo, because I have integrity.

Quint: Now you must eat a fly or else the circle will not be complete.

James Gunn: Actually, I'm eating some pineapple and I have a cut on my lip and it just burnt the fuck out of my lip. Admittedly, it's no fly, but it has to do with my mouth and it sucks almost as much.

And that was our chat! Now here’s the first episode of PG Porn!

I hope you guys enjoyed the chat and enjoyed the first installment of PG PORN. I think it’s pretty damn funny myself. Like I mentioned above, I have a pretty damn good interview with Kevin Smith about ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO that’ll be hitting later today, so I guess it’s Porno Wednesday here on AICN. At least I’m doing my part. I can only hope Beaks and Merrick and Moriarty and Harry will carry their load… so to speak… Okay, that’s enough innuendo. Back soon with more Porn talk! -Quint

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