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Harrison Ford comments on the status of a further INDIANA JONES adventure!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. There's nothing Earth-shattering about Harrison Ford's recent talk with the LA Times, but he does confirm that Lucas is indeed going full speed ahead with planning the story for a fifth INDIANA JONES film. He says, "It's crazy, but great." I'm not exactly sure the context, whether he's talking about the central idea (MacGuffin) for Indy 5 or the whole concept of a new series of Indy films starring a guy pushing 70. Personally, the more distance I get from KOTCS, the more forgetful if feels. Or maybe that's just my brain hitting early Alzheimer's. The problems with the movie didn't fall on Harrison Ford's shoulders at all and I could see him really doing another kick-ass Indy movie, they just need to lay off the CGI and actually involve Indiana Jones a little more. A friend commented to me when discussing the film a few weeks back that KOTCS was the only Indiana Jones movie where the ending would have been exactly the same whether or not Indiana Jones ever got involved. And it's true. The script was flawed and so have been every other draft I read, including Darabont's, but to those who have read Darabont's script... imagine that amazing Bi-plane action sequence brought to life. There was a lot of action in KOTCS, but nothing that felt like it belonged in an Indiana Jones movie as much as that Bi-Plane sequence read. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but all that is to say... bring on more Indiana Jones. I think there can be a really kick-ass film left in the series if they get the right person to pound out the script and can get Spielberg's full attention (and willingness to go as practical as possible). Thanks to the heads up from BigShinyRobot and you can read the whole LA Times piece here where he also says he'd never voice an Indiana Jones cartoon!

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