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Yes, Romero is doing a new Dead movie and we have a brief scene description and some spy photos from the filming!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. You may have just seen the trade story that Herc ran just below this and now we have a follow-up from a reader who has some info on ISLAND OF THE DEAD (TM Hercules The Strong) and some rather blurry set pics. Nothing crazy awesome yet, but it is exciting to see Romero at work again and it's doubly exciting for me that he's not doing DIARY OF THE DEAD 2. Thank Christmas. DIARY OF THE DEAD just pisses me off and I'm happy to see the master at work on a Dead film not tied to the last piece of doggy-doo. There's also a link for locals to sign up for a zombie call... I highly, highly, highly recommend Toronto locals to do this if they can. I myself flew up to the great White North in order to be a Romero zombie for LAND OF THE DEAD and it was a hell of an experience, something I'll treasure even if you can't really see me in the final movie. I got to be a Romero zombie! And now you can, too! And you can even do me one better... get paid! Anyway, here's the info and some blurry pics (that second, blurriest pic is, I'm sure, of George Romero in red). If any other people who stumble upon the set can get something clearer (and preferably more dead-filled) please drop me a line with some pics! Enjoy!

Hello Harry, I have been visiting your site for a few years and I love reading what you guys have to say, but I have never written before. Recently, George A. Romero visited my hometown of Port Dover, Ontario, Canada to film scenes for his new, yet untitled, zombie film. I, unfortunately was not there to observe filming, but my brother was able to visit the set and take some photographs (I apologize for their grainy quality). Most of the photos are shots of the set with various vehicles and boats and many people running around the set. What I know about the scenes filmed is that they take place while the survivors of a zombie attack are trying to escape an island they are on, and as they run for the ferry it has already departed and they miss the boat so they are forced to confront the zombies that are chasing them. There is also a scene where a shack is blown up - one of my friends, who was hired as an extra had to play dead following the explosion. Port Dover resides on the shores of Lake Erie and is a small tourist town, with a large marina. As you can see from one of the photos a ferry has been labeled with many signs that say "Amherst Islander - Slaughter Beach Ferry". In one of the photos there is a truck with writing on the side (I am not sure if this vehicle is a prop in the film or one of the vehicles used for the crew). In one of the photos George is the one in the red jacket with his back to the camera. My brother, who visited the set everyday was lucky enough to have his original Dawn of the Dead signed by Romero, but was too young to be hired as an extra. I hope you can make use of these photos on your site - I would be excited to have contributed. I have also included a link to the article regarding the casting call, and a link to the Port Dover website. If you use these photos you can call me, "Port Dover Zombie".

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