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Dunst Confirms Involvement In SPIDER-MAN 4, Keeps Mum On Villains (For Now)!

Beaks here... Good news for the geek press: our most reliable source for SPIDER-MAN scoops is returning for the fourth installment! I'm aware that many fans have developed an intense loathing for Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson (one talk backer to Harry's SPIDER-MAN 3 review eloquently opined that she "looks like a foot"), but I think think she's been... reasonably effective in the role. Though Raimi didn't do her any favors by opening the last installment with her tentative warbling of "They Say It's Wonderful" (whatever happened to voice doubles?), I thought the rest of her performance was fine. It's not like she wrote the hopelessly cluttered script or anything. MTV Movies got Kirsten Dunst to spill the beans regarding her involvement in the fourth movie, but she stopped short of giving away any other details - even though she acknowledges that there are some "rumors" out there. Perhaps she's referring to Nikki Finke's "expect another gal part" remark from earlier this month. Felicia Hardy anyone? Despite the disappointment of SPIDER-MAN 3, I think the fourth film is in good hands with screenwriter Jamie Vanderbilt. Here's hoping he gets the franchise back on track.

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