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Images from Foundation Imaging and Flat Earth's "Starship Troopers" CGI series !!!

Glen here...

...with a look at Foundation Imaging & FlatEarth's forthcoming CGI series based on Robert Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers.

The series will be considerably different than the movie. It will be a re-telling of the events covered in the film, with large portions of extra storyline augmenting both the film and Heinlein's work.

For a sampling of just how the series will be handled narratively, CLICK HERE to access Coaxial's previous coverage.

For news about some of the series' voice casting, CLICK HERE.

For news about the behind-the-scenes talent realizing this new CGI blow-out, CLICK HERE!

Most of the film's design scheme has been tossed-out in favor of a new look - one of the only holdovers being the returning warrior bugs pictured below. The series also looks considerably darker than movie director Paul Verhoven's brighter, cleaner, photographic approach.

Here are some images from the show, in no particular order. See what you think...


Above - the novel's "power suits"...whose absence in the film pissed off many a Heinlein fan...will be featured prominently in the CGI series.


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