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Bill Murray commented on GHOSTBUSTERS 3 tonight at Fantastic Fest!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Tonight's closing night film at Fantastic Fest was CITY OF EMBER with director Gil Kenan in attendance and a surprise appearance by Bill Murray. I dug the movie (more on that later), but the reason you're reading this is due to a question Kraken asked during the Q&A. I'm sure at some point the video of this will come out, but the non-line for line version of the question was how would Murray feel about strapping on the proton pack and kicking some ghost ass again? I was very curious to hear Murray's answer. He's not as available to the press or public as Dan Aykroyd or Harold Ramis and he also seemed to be the least enthusiastic about a Ghostbusters sequel... But tonight he said that he knew "some writers from THE OFFICE" were taking a stab at the script right now (which we already knew) and that he thinks that's a good start. He paused for a few seconds then said that he thinks enough time has passed and that "the wounds from GHOSTBUSTERS 2 are healed" and that he would definitely be into doing another GHOSTBUSTERS movie, stating that the first 40 minutes of the original film is some of the best stuff he's been associated with and the whole shoot was an amazing amount of fun. He also went on to say that his enthusiasm for Ghostbusters was heightened after recording the voice of Peter Venkman for the video game over the summer. In fact, he said he found himself walking down the street singing the Ghostbusters theme song and then thought people walking around him were going to start yelling at him to "get over yourself, Bill," so he stopped... But the enthusiasm was there. How cool is that?!?!? And I got to shake his hand (down in a cave an hour and a half outside of Austin, no less) and have about 30 seconds of smalltalk with the man, where I blubbered something about STRIPES, CADDYSHACK and GHOSTBUSTERS being seminal films growing up and quickly ran back into the huge crowd trying to get at him. I found him to be a lot nicer and down to earth than I expected. It was a great day to be a geek... Just thought I'd share the words from the man himself on GHOSTBUSTERS 3. If I was concerned about yet another '80s cornerstone being revisited (and possibly ruined) I'm totally over that now. If Murray is excited, then goddamn... who couldn't be excited?

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