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UPDATE Re: Yesterday's Disney Shindig: NATIONAL TREASURE 3, WILD HOGS 2, Depp as Tonto, PIRATES 4, TR2N, And More!!

Merrick again... Heard back fgrom Electric Dreams about the PRINCE OF PERSIA footage mentioned below. Here's what he had to say:
It was a montage, basically, with narration of what the film was about cut together w/ interviews w/ Bruckheimer, Jake and a couple other cast members. It showed him running around, fighting, doing some jumps, showed some very rough animatics and storyboarded together shots, some details about the villains trying to get the Dagger. A cool villain with a purple cloak whose arms turned to snakes and he thrust them into the ground. They went after somoene looking like TREMORS. Jake looked good with his painted 300 abs I'm sure. Looks promising though thus far.


Merrick here...
Electric Dreams, who has sent us some rather juicy material in the past, dropped us a line about yesterday's event with Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook.
So just got back from attending the Walt Disney Showcase that the company throws for partnering agencies and media and had some big news to reveal. 1st a recap. Dick Cook the President of the Motion Picture Division spent the day teasing upcoming films for 2009 thru 2011, and with it came a barrage of celebs who he welcomed to the stage to further make the announcement sweeter, here are some examples; RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN - Dwayne Johnson appeared, talked about the film. WILD HOGS 2: Bachelor Ride - Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence and William H Macy all reunited as they pulled on stage on Harleys. HANNAH MONTANA: THE MOVIE - Bily Ray and Miley showed up and Miley performed a new song from the soundtrack of this film. NATIONAL TREASURE 3, SORCERER'S APPRENTICE, G-FORCE - Jerry Bruckheimer and Nic Cage sat with Cook and announced they were going ahead w/ these film, we even saw a trailer for G-Force. CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC - Isla Fisher made an appearance. THE PROPOSAL - Sandra Bullock (leaving Dick Cook quite star-struck) came by. DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL - Robert Zemeckis & Jim Carrey talked about making the film. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 - Kenny Ortega & the Cast came on stage and showed a teaser montage for the movie. BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA - George Lopez and Papi the Chihuahua chatted it up w/ Dick They showed the TRON 2 trailer (and everyone went nuts), the same that was shown at Comic Con and Dick said it was for sure a go. A great SURROGATES trailer & a montage to music of PRINCE OF PERSIA recent dailies wowed the audience, but no appearance by Bruce Willis or Jake Gylenhal. A teaser of art/concept drawings were shown of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland", and Dick officially announced Johnny Depp was playing the Mad Hatter!!! The entire KODAK theater was treated to a 90% finished full version of the movie BOLT (in 3-D) which was BE-AWESOME!!! And in the end as Dick Cook was wrapping up, the USC Marching Band comes out and starts playing the Lone Ranger theme and a graphic for the film comes on screen. Suddenly the curtain raises and a White horse w/ a Lone Ranger character is galloping on stage during the music. When it's over, Dick says he hasnt cast a Lone Ranger yet, but he had an idea for a Tonto. Just then Johnny Depp comes from off stage dressed to the nines as Jack Sparrow with a Lone Ranger mask on a stick over his eyes, banters w/ Dick Cook and makes Dick wear the mask and hold the gun he was carrying. And then Dick Cook says, "Well what do you think? Johnny Depp as Tonto???" The crowd goes mad-wild and he says "OK, done." Then goes onto ask if he thinks we should have Johnny back for another Pirates film? T he crowd goes mad, Dick Cook says "OK, done. "The theatre erupts. Johnny mumbles some things in character and then darts off. Maybe was on stage a total of a minute and barely said anything. It was such a fun day! Johnny came out as Sparrow had a big white indian feather stuck in his head sticking up... John Lasseter was there talking about CARS 2. He debuted CARS TOONS, a new mini-on-line series starring Mater which will start showing soon leading up eventually to the CARS 2 film...which is about Mater and Lightning McQueen travelling internationally. This 1st CARS TOONS was about Mater imagining he was a Fire Rescue truck and a Medical Doctor. Cute, There's one coming up where he thinks he's a Daredevil and another where he fights Bull-Dozers called El MATER'DOR And when they teased Princess & the Frog, Randy Newman performed a song from the film LIVE...tons of fun!!! Disney knows how to impress and get the word of mouth out! Just thought I'd share with you the news and the officiality of it coming right from the Mouse's mouth! Electric Dreams
I'm asking Electric Dreams about details of the HANNAH MONTANA movie...I mean the PRINCE OF PERSIA footage shown & so forth, so check back for an update in a bit.

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