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SPOILER ALERT?? Did BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Actor Aaron Douglas Give Away Too Much To KUFO Radio Nerds??

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Aaron Douglas, who plays Cylon Galen Tyrol on “Battlestar Galactica,” may have forgotten what was revealed at the end of 4.10 (the series’ mid-season finale, which hit SciFi June 13) and what was shot for 4.11, which hits SciFi in January. Earth is the Cylon homeworld, Douglas tells KUFO-FM radio personalities Cort and Fatboy. Excerpt:
Q. Tell me this. Do we ever get to see the Cylon homeworld? AARON DOUGLAS: You did at the end of the middle of season four. Q. (pause) Wow! Really? You’re saying Earth is the Cylon homeworld? AD: Earth, in the scriptures, is the Cylon homeworld. Yeah, they say they found evidence, they found other people, and they’re all Cylon. Or they found bones and stuff, scattered all around, and they’re Cylon. Q. Wow! AD: Did you not listen to that – did you not watch that? Q. That was not made clear! Yeah, I missed that! Yeah! I saw everybody standing around … AD: Watch the last 10 minutes. They say, when they’re digging in the, all that kind of stuff. Q. The last thing they showed was everybody looking pissed because everything looks destroyed. I didn’t get that they were pissed because everything was Cylon. Everything was destroyed because there was like a Cylon civil war that caused them to go forth and … AD: Tune in and watch.
Other tidbits: * “The Plan” is now apparently the title of the “Razor”-like 2009 Cylon-centric prequel TV-movie, directed by Edward James Olmos from a teleplay by Jane Espenson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”). Douglas says it starts 15 days prior to Cylon War II and continues “up to somewhere in season three or four.” * Douglas reacts to the ending: “I gotta tell ya, if you liked season two better than season one and season three better than season two and on and on and on, you will love the back 10 of season four and you will love how the show ends. When the show ends, you will not want it to continue. It is the most perfect ending in the history of TV. I fully, firmly believe it, and I do not want to see any more. I want it to just be over. I want the last time you see all these characters to be the last time. It’s just absolutely breathtaking and it’s perfect.” * Does this mean Galen Tyrol survives to the end? “The last time you see the chief, whenever that is, is perfect.” * Before the landing the role of Tyrol, Douglas auditioned for Lee Adama and Gaeta. * Douglas learned in Beverly Hills that “Battlestar Galactica” is Robin Williams’ favorite TV show. Hear the entire interview here.

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