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UPDATED!! That QUANTUM OF SOLACE Theme Song By Alicia Keys And Jack White...The Whole Thing Is Online!!

Merrick again... HERE is a link to the entire song. And, HERE. Or, HERE (select Jo Whiley: 18/09/2008 - then scroll 55 mins into the show). Also, there's an official stream HERE! (thanks auddym)


Merrick here...
UK's Radio 1 played a snippet of Jack White and Alicia Keys' much discussed QUANTUM OF SOLACE theme song. It's called "Another Way To Die". BBC's website posted the clip, and discusses fan reaction...


A different sampling from the song was revealed last week when used in this Coke Zero/QUANTUM OF SOLACE promo...
...although the Radio 1 clip is the first time we've actually heard vocals from the song.

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