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Hey folks, Harry here... Folks - I know that for a lot of you - you just can't make it to Fantastic Fest. Or any other film festival in the world. You hear about films that you sometimes have to wait for years to come to home video, but this year - us folks at FANTASTIC FEST have teamed up with the Tech wonders of AMD to present Fantastic Fest Online - Where you can check out - absolutely free of charge - 5 FANTASTIC FEST Feature Films and 5 FANTASTIC FEST Shorts. First there's DOCTOR INFIERNO a demented film from Spain about an insane gynecologist that discovers the cure for all the ills of the world, to just set himself up as Absolute Dictator of The Planet - only, somehow his planet has robots, monsters, kung fu and assorted madness on top of that. Next we have, I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW - An American Documentary about two men that have been obsessively stalking 80's spank-bait Pop Singer TIFFANY for nearly 20 years. This film is very disturbing and doesn't even reveal my own years of stalking her... including the time I got backstage at a Tiffany Concert at Six Flags where the New Kids on The Block got boo-ed off stage for opening for her. Seriously. You definitely owe it to yourself to check out this disturbing film. From France comes La Crème - A film that won BEST FILM at the Beijing Film Festival, BEST FEATURE at Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival and Best Foreign Feature at the Oxford International Film Festival. It's about a dweeb that finds magic face cream that transforms him into the most famous celebrity in France... hmmm... is that Jerry Lewis or David Hasselhoff? Back to the USA for RULE OF THREE by Eric Shapiro. It picked up Best Actor for Ben Siegler's performance up at the Fantasia Film Festival this year - it's about a pair of stories dealing with sexual escapades in a seedy down and out hotel that go terribly wrong. And we stay in the USA for the final Feature, SOUTH OF HEAVEN - and I'm a bit at a loss to describe this flick. You'll just have to check it out for yourself. Then there's the 5 Short Films. Thats the best we could do for all you folks out there in the ether... if you do check the films out - by all means vote - as they will be getting a special award from the Online Audience - so watch them all and weigh in! Here's the latest on all this stuff and more from Tim League - our fearless Festival Director!

Hey gang, I wanted to let you all know that AMD Fantastic Fest Online begins tonight at midnight CST and runs through September 20. We haven't really pushed this too much through the badgeholder network; we feel that it is a much better plan for you guys to watch and experience these films at the festival instead of on a computer screen. The presentation will be better and we have guests in town for most of these films. That's what the traditional festival is all about. I am bringing it to your attention however, so you can let your out of town friends or pals in Austin who were too slow to get a badge that they can now get a taste of the festival for free. Have your friends check out Fantastic Fest Online and they can stream five features and five shorts from this year's lineup absolutely free. There's also online voting on all the films, with audience awards for best short and feature from the AMD Fantastic Fest Online network. Also, be watching the blog and check back soon to We have some new secret screenings to announce and additional shows not in the program that will be hitting the web very soon. One last late breaking announcement - if you haven't heard about the details on the Eagle Eye scavenger hunt, check it out here: Eagle Eye Hunt! Badgeholders are welcome to join this afternoon hunt themed around the film, but it's also open to the public at large. The scavenger hunt is the only way non-badgeholders will get a chance to meet director D.J. Caruso and producer Alex Kurtzman and see the sneak preview screening of Eagle Eye on the 19th. I can't believe that we will be seeing you all in just five days. Get plenty of rest. Drink lots of fluids. We plan on putting you through the paces come September 18. Cheers, Tim League director Fantastic Fest
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