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More on SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE according to Guillermo via our friend at Variety!

Hey folks, Harry here... here in BOSTON that is! AICN long time writer - John Robie - is getting married and I have to witness this for myself - as well, that's what friends do on these occasions. Meanwhile, I just plugged into my over-priced internet connection here at the glorious Omni Parker House - and I find an email from Michael Fleming regarding an extended comment from Guillermo regarding SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE. Kudos to Michael for not letting the extended comment wilt with the ravages of time. And VARIETY... I know y'all have tight word counts for the print edition - y'all should seriously allow your writers to have online special editions of feature articles.

Harry, I saw your report on Guillermo's movie directing plans, and saw that one of your readers wanted to know more about Slaughterhouse-Five. Though I didn't have room in my Variety story to carry Guillermo's elegant description of each of these projects, here's what he said about Slaughterhouse, and feel free to use if it's helpful: “When I read the book and had the fortune of seeing the movie not far apart, I enjoyed both. But I thought that the way Vonnegut plays with and juxtaposes time was perhaps too edgy to be tackled on film at that time. The key for me was how in the book Billy Pilgrim becomes `unstuck’ in time. This allows for storytelling that can be eminently pure cinema, not so linear, where you can jump back from one time period to another, and present a reality where these juxtaposed time periods meld together. It can be less traditional and more adventurous, and presented a bit more boldly.” Hope you're well. Cheers. Mike Fleming
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