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UPDATED!! SciFi Says GALACTICA Still Slated To Return In January!!

UPDATE! SciFi execs tell that the report over on Galactica SitRep is in error; the final 10 episodes of "Battlestar Galactica" will begin airing in January as planned. Find Scifiwire's report here. Original post:

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Are you ready to wait till June or even July to see how "Battlestar Galactica" ends? Aaron Douglas, who plays Galen Tyrol on the series, just told DragonCon attendees he’s heard that fans may not see a new episode till April of next year, according to the fan site Galactica SitRep. This contradicts comments made at July’s TCA event by SciFi exec David Howe, who said Laura Roslin, the Adamas and their Cylon friends were slated to return in January. The news also suggests that the Cylon-centric flashback TV-movie scripted by Jane Espenson may hit SciFi before the final 10 regular episodes do. Read all of SitRep’s story on the matter here.

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