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Sigourney Weaver chats briefly about AVATAR!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Thanks to Chris - a reader from Germany - he has made us aware of a brief Audio file from an interview with Sigourney Weaver which entirely concerns AVATAR - the movie that I feel we're collectively holding our breath awaiting the first real image, footage and trailer for. It's funny - the other day I sat down to watch the entire first series of the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, mainly at the behest of the talkbackers protesting my Train Wreck comment. Many said that I should watch past the first couple of episodes, as the show really did pick up. Boy do I agree. I'd say the last 4 episodes in the run really attempted to try to be great - on the budget they had. I loved where they were trying to go with the character work, but after completing the first season, I decided I had to put on my HD DVD of TERMINATOR 2 - that First Season finished up as a love sonnet to TERMINATOR 2 and it made me want to check it out again. Although I had watched it about 3 months prior... as... I fucking love that movie. It is flawless. An absolutely exquisite work. The performances, the music, the photography, the editing, the visual effects, the story. Just absolutely perfect - without a shiny penny moment one. The thought hit me again, Cameron is again working on Science Fiction. He's only gone there a few times. TERMINATOR, ALIENS, THE ABYSS & TERMINATOR 2. The only flawed effort was the theatrical release of THE ABYSS - his Director's cut is a supreme triumph - but now we have a new science fiction effort coming from Jim. I've known and been familiar with AVATAR for nearly 12 years now. I remember when I first came across his Scriptment. It stunned me. At the time I read it, I didn't fully understand how he could realize it. When I spoke with Cameron in advance of the shoot - it seemed that it had evolved quite a bit - and that over the past 12 years he's revisited the scriptment, worked to hone it, flesh it out - using his own adventurous exploits and studies to add a personal stake to the material - while developing the cameras and visual effects for it. I've spoken with a few people that have seen glimpses at it - and it isn't just what they say, it's the enthusiasm and the lack of words to describe what we have in store for us... that really gets me. That we have OVER a year to wait is painful. That his plan was to debut imagery or footage at next year's ShoWest... well pretty much ensures that I'll be in Vegas. Sorry Quint, sorry SXSW... if he does debut footage there, I'm going to be there if I have to dig a tunnel from another hotel to the room to get there. This is the film I'm most excited for. Give Sigourney a listen...

Dear Harry, Moriarty and Quint, First let me say I really love what you guys are doing! I’m a huge fan of James Cameron and his movies. Today I found a new interview a German magazine did with Sigourney Weaver. It is an interview via phone where Sigourney is talking about AVATAR. Here is the link to the site where you can find the audio player (below the ad!): Click Here To Give It A Listen! Best wishes from Germany, Chris
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