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A CNN Clip Gives Us Brolin As "W."

Merrick here...
CNN has posted (and thoughtfully provided an accompanying embed for) a clip from Oliver Stone's "W. " I know we've seen some behind-the-scenes stuff of Josh Brolin as "W", as well as some traielr material, but I believe (with a margin for error) this is our first substantive look at Brolin as Mis-ter Pres-i-dent. I can't say enough bad things about our current President, but did anyone see him interviewed from the Beijing Olympics? I thought he did pretty well. If that was the "W" we'd gotten for the last two terms, perhaps things might have gone better. Or, maybe not. Here's the embed, which originates from THIS posting. NOTE: the image window is bigger when viewed through the URL.

Tanks to Darius for calling this to our attention.

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