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Pacino And De Niro Are A Long Way From Kate Mantilini In New Clip From RIGHTEOUS KILL...

Beaks here... The last time Al Pacino and Robert De Niro locked horns on screen, we got this:

Thirteen years later, we're getting this. While I admire Jon Avnet as a producer (without him, there'd be no RISKY BUSINESS or MEN DON'T LEAVE), everything about RIGHTEOUS KILL (including the screenplay by INSIDE MAN's Russell Gewirtz) seems completely uninspired. I want so very much to be proven wrong, but the movie is coming out on September 12th, and there's been no word of an obligatory press conference or press screenings. This is fine if you're selling DISASTER MOVIE, but troubling when you've got Pacino and De Niro in their first movie together since HEAT.

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