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Beaks here... Did I miss something, or did THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK make a killing on DVD? I know the RIDDICK video game is considered one of the better movie tie-ins; did that outsell YAR'S REVENGE or something? I'm asking because Vin Diesel seems extraordinarily optimistic about the two RIDDICK sequels he's planning with writer-director David Twohy. Here's what Diesel told MTV Movies' Shawn Adler:
"David Twowy right now is writing the scripts. The only question is whether we take a page from the 'Lord of the Rings' guys and try to shoot the two chapters at the same time. There are two more in mind," he said of Riddick, the Furyan warrior first introduced in the 2000 film "Pitch Black."
Though I rather enjoyed the last film, and would gladly give Twohy and Diesel a whole heap o' cash to continue their fantasy saga, I doubt the folks at Universal are hot to bankroll another adventure on... (help me, IMDb) Helion Prime after the last movie eked out a worldwide gross of $115 million on a $105 million budget. Then again, I never thought we'd see another HELLBOY movie, so who the hell knows? Diesel elaborates on his plans for RIDDICK 3 & 4 here.

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