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THE OFFICE’s B.J. Novak Says He’s Officially One Of Tarantino’s BASTARDS!!

I am – Hercules!!
David Krumholtz and Simon Pegg may have fallen out of talks to join Quentin Tarantino’s World War II epic “Inglorious Bastards,” but “The Office” star B.J. Novak says he signed a contract to appear in the movie Friday -- according to one fan who says he spoke to Novak following a weekend stand-up show in St. Louis. “LBJeff,” a new and untested spy, reports:
Whats up Herc, Long time reader, first time writer. Anyways, I go to Washington University in St. Louis and last night BJ Novak came to do some stand up comedy. After the show I was fortunate enough to talk with him and ask a few questions. He confirmed that he will be in QT's Inglorious Bastards, and that he had just signed the contract on Friday. I asked him what that meant for Ryan on the Office and he said that Ryan would be in the first episode and we will know what happens to him. He also said Toby will be back for that first episode and it will be "very funny." I asked him about the spin-off and he said that if the improv group who opened for him went on stage to act out an Office spin-off, they would probably be closer than what they know right now. As you know, it will star Amy Pohler and he also said that it will probably not be a spin-off in the traditional sense, which was apparently all he knew or could say. Surprisingly, to me at least, he got a great turnout of about 2,500 students and everyone seemed to have a good time. If you see any pictures of him online using a frog puppet, it was not photoshopped, but part of the act. He commented on how people would think that it was weird for him to have a puppet because the office is a "smart show." He seemed genuinely excited for the next season of the Office as well as for IB, which he said starts shooting in October. He came off as a very smart and genuine guy and I hope that he kills in the movie. Oh, and when he asked where I saw that he was in talks for IB I said AICN and he laughed. I'll leave you with one of his many funny jokes: Battered women? Sounds delicious...but that doesn't make it right.
If the report can be trusted, Novak joins Brad Pitt, Mike Myers and Eli Roth among actors confirmed for the cast. “Bastards” follows a squad of angry, vengeful Jews assigned to infiltrate Axis-occupied Europe and kill as many Nazis as possible.

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