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A Movie A Day

Here’s the entire 215 movie run of A Movie A Day:

June 2nd: Harper

June 3rd: The Drowning Pool

June 4th: Papillon

June 5th: Gun Crazy

June 6th: Never So Few

June 7th: A Hole In The Head

June 8th: Some Came Running

June 9th: Rio Bravo

June 10th: Point Blank

June 11th: Pocket Money

June 12th: Cool Hand Luke

June 13th: The Asphalt Jungle

June 14th: Clash By Night

June 15th: Scarlet Street

June 16th: Killer Bait (aka Too Late For Tears)

June 17th: Robinson Crusoe On Mars

June 18th: City For Conquest

June 19th: San Quentin

June 20th: 42nd Street

June 21st: Dames

June 22nd: Gold Diggers of 1935

June 23rd: Murder, My Sweet

June 24th: Born To Kill

June 25th: The Sound of Music

June 26th: Torn Curtain

June 27th: The Left Handed Gun

June 28th: Caligula

June 29th: The Elephant Man

June 30th: The Good Father

July 1st: Shock Treatment

July 2nd: Flashback

July 3rd: Klute

July 4th: On Golden Pond

July 5th: The Cowboys

July 6th: The Alamo

July 7th: Sands of Iwo Jima

July 8th: Wake of the Red Witch

July 9th: D.O.A.

July 10th: Shadow of A Doubt

July 11th: The Matchmaker

July 12th: The Black Hole

July 13th: Vengeance Is Mine (aka Sunday In The Country)

July 14th: Strange Invaders

July 15th: Sleuth

July 16th: Frenzy

July 17th: Kingdom of Heaven: The Director’s Cut

July 18th: Cadillac Man

July 19th: The Sure Thing

July 20th: Moving Violations

July 21st: Meatballs

July 22nd: Cast a Giant Shadow

July 23rd: Out of the Past

July 24th: The Big Steal

July 25th: Where Danger Lives

July 26th: Crossfire

July 27th: Ricco, The Mean Machine (aka The Cauldron of Death)

July 28th: In Harm’s Way

July 29th: Firecreek

July 30th: The Cheyenne Social Club

July 31st: The Man Who Knew Too Much

August 1st: The Spirit of St. Louis

August 2nd: Von Ryan’s Express

August 3rd: Can-Can

August 4th: Desperate Characters

August 5th: The Possession of Joel Delaney

August 6th: Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx

August 7th: Start the Revolution Without Me

August 8th: Hell Is A City

August 9th: The Pied Piper

August 10th: Partners

August 11th: Barry Lyndon

August 12th: The Skull

August 13th: The Hellfire Club

August 14th: Blood of the Vampire

August 15th: Terror of the Tongs

August 16th: Pirates of Blood River

August 17th: The Devil-Ship Pirates

August 18th: Jess Franco’s Count Dracula

August 19th: Dracula A.D. 1972

August 20th: The Stranglers of Bombay

August 21st: Man, Woman & Child

August 22nd: The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane

August 23rd: The Young Philadelphians

August 24th: The Rack

August 25th: Until They Sail

August 26th: Somebody Up There Likes Me

August 27th: The Set-Up

August 28th: The Devil & Daniel Webster

August 29th: Cat People

August 30th: The Curse of the Cat People

August 31st: The 7th Victim

September 1st: The Ghost Ship

September 2nd: Isle of the Dead

September 3rd: Bedlam

September 4th: Black Sabbath

September 5th: Black Sunday

September 6th: Twitch of the Death Nerve

September 7th: Tragic Ceremony

September 8th: Lisa & The Devil

September 9th: Baron Blood

September 10th: A Shot In The Dark

September 11th: The Pink Panther

September 12th: The Return of the Pink Panther

September 13th: The Pink Panther Strikes Again

September 14th: Revenge of the Pink Panther

September 15th: Trail of the Pink Panther

September 16th: The Real Glory

September 17th: The Winning of Barbara Worth

September 18th: The Cowboy and the Lady

September 19th: Dakota

September 20th: Red River

September 21st: Terminal Station

September 22nd: The Search

September 23rd: Act of Violence

September 24th: Houdini

September 25th: Money From Home

September 26th: Papa’s Delicate Condition

September 27th: Dillinger

September 28th: Battle of the Bulge

September 29th: Daisy Kenyon

September 30th: Laura

October 1st: The Dunwich Horror

October 2nd: Experiment In Terror

October 3rd: The Devil’s Rain

October 4th: Race With The Devil

October 5th: Salo, Or The 120 Days of Sodom

October 6th: Bad Dreams

October 7th: The House Where Evil Dwells

October 8th: Memories of Murder

October 9th: The Hunger

October 10th: I Saw What You Did

October 11th: I Spit On Your Grave

October 12th: Naked You Die

October 13th: The Wraith

October 14th: Silent Night, Bloody Night

October 15th: I Bury The Living

October 16th: The Beast Must Die

October 17th: Hellgate

October 18th: He Knows You’re Alone

October 19th: The Thing From Another World

October 20th: The Fall of the House of Usher

October 21st: Audrey Rose

October 22nd: Who Slew Auntie Roo?

October 23rd: Wait Until Dark

October 24th: Dead & Buried

October 25th: A Bucket of Blood

October 26th: The Bloodstained Shadow

October 27th: I, Madman

October 28th: Return to Horror High

October 29th: Die, Monster, Die

October 30th: Epidemic

October 31st: Student Bodies

November 1st: Black Widow

November 2nd: The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

November 3rd: Flying Tigers

November 4th: Executive Action

November 5th: The Busy Body

November 6th: It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World

November 7th: Libeled Lady

November 8th: Up The River

November 9th: Doctor Bull

November 10th: Judge Priest

November 11th: Ten Little Indians

November 12th: Murder On The Orient Express

November 13th: Daniel

November 14th: El Dorado

November 15th: The Gambler

November 16th: Once Upon A Time In America

November 17th: Salvador

November 18th: Best Seller

November 19th: The Holcroft Covenant

November 20th: Birdman of Alcatraz

November 21st: The Train

November 22nd: Gunfight At The O.K. Corral

November 23rd: Mystery Street

November 24th: Border Incident

November 25th: The Tin Star

November 26th: On The Beach

November 27th: Twelve O’Clock High

November 28th: Gentleman’s Agreement

November 29th: Panic In The Streets

November 30th: The Hot Rock

December 1st: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

December 2nd: The Day of the Dolphin

December 3rd: Carnal Knowledge

December 4th: The Cincinnati Kid

December 5th: Pocketful of Miracles

December 6th: Mikey & Nicky

December 7th: Two-Minute Warning

December 8th: The Sentinel

December 9th: How To Steal A Million

December 10th: What’s New Pussycat?

December 11th: Being There

December 17th: The Party

December 18th: Casino Royale

December 19th: The Stranger

December 20th: Brother Orchid

December 21st: The Petrified Forest

December 22nd: Moontide

December 23rd: Notorious

December 24th: The Inn of the Sixth Happiness

December 25th: The High Commissioner

December 26th: The Silent Partner

December 27th: Payday

December 28th: A Stranger Is Watching

December 29th: The New Kids

December 30th: Serial

December 31st: The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

January 1st: Irma La Douce

January 2nd: The Prisoner of Second Avenue

January 3rd: The Goodbye Girl

January 4th: Lost In Yonkers

January 5th: The Sunshine Boys

January 6th: California Suite

January 7th: A Bridge Too Far
Celebrity AMAD: January 12th: Edgar Wright discusses 1971's VIRGIN WITCH
January 13th: Rian Johnson discusses 1971’s A NEW LEAF
January 14th: Randy Cook on 1963’s DONOVAN’S REEF
January 15th: Aziz Ansari on 1988’s MAC AND ME
January 16th: Don Coscarelli on 1953’s THE TWONKY
January 17th: Patton Oswalt on 1978's BLUE COLLAR

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