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Danny Elfman is scoring THE WOLFMAN!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Some nice folk at Universal just gave me a ring-a-ling to drop note that Danny Elfman is scoring THE WOLFMAN! Oddly enough - I was watching NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS on Blu-Ray - which has a stop-motion animated WOLFMAN and well... That music isn't at all right for this WOLFMAN. However, Danny Elfman... he could be awesomely perfect for this. He can give the gypsies their beat & jingle. He can give the moors their eeriness. And he can give the night air its menace - the moon its longing and the Wolfman -- a soul. And Talbot - his melancholy. Music will be key here. It can fill in the gaps - make you believe there is a man in a beast and a beast in a man. I can't wait to see what Elfman comes up with here. I just hope he can bring tears to the film. THE WOLFMAN is a sad sad story... he can make us feel that.

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