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After DEATH RACE's Gale Force Idiocy Has Passed...We'll Get Statham In TRANSPORTER 3!! And Here's A Poster For It...

Merrick here...
So I just finished watching Statham in Paul W.S. Anderson's DEATH RACE. It may well be the most unapologetically dumb, deliriously dopey movie ever made. It's fueled by boundless illogic and clumsy, hollow efforts towards Verhoevenesque social satire. It's not even consistent within the dumb "universe" it sets itself in. THE CONDEMNED and THE RUNNING MAN, both imperfect films on their own merits, handled very similar material much, much more proficiently. You'll see strong influences from both titles here. I'd seriously considered writing a "full" review of DEATH RACE, but I honestly don't know where to start. It chokes on an abundance of often incomprehensible action and thoroughly asinine conceptualization - all of which is delivered with almost no sense of fun. It's a relentless assault on the senses, and takes a gooey, steamy, nut-laced dump on its audience's intelligence. Anderson tries to mix the cocky nihilism of vintage Carpenter with the adrenalized bad-assity of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, while throwing in Maro Kart race mechanics for good measure. But it all feels insincere and poser like. And, it all ends up as sound and fury, signifying nausea. But none of this is particularly surprising, is it? Anyway, Statham's in a third TRANSPORTER film later this year and Arnaud called our attention to a poster for it on a French website named I'd post a thumbnail here, but my FTP is hosed at the moment. However, if you wanna see it...


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