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DIVX (I told you it was a bad idea !!!)

Glen here...

No, I haven't forsaken the site.

I'm still awaiting the finalization of a sponsorship arrangement which should bring Coaxial back on-line (with regularity) almost immediately. In this downtime, I have made significant headway in upping the ante in advanced coverage of things like home vide titles, thanks to my man THE ORACLE (who prefers to be called something like THE AMAZINGLY SEXY KNOW-IT-ALL DUDE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT KING - but that's just a tad too much for my sensibilities...)

I'm tired today, so I'm not going to re-cap the history of the evil DIVX format - but it should be pointed out that today...June 16, 1999....DIVX has died.

If you don't know what DIVX is, well - that just doesn't matter anymore. If you do know what DIVX is, I'm guessing you're probably bouncing off the walls with glee now that this wickedest of video formats has crashed and burned.

To paraphrase The Lost World: DIVX was the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. It was invasive, violating, awkward, and created an intrinsic divisiveness within the video disc industry. And now it is gone, gone, gone.

I extend my middle finger in salute to those who supported the format, and to those who financed the format. I'm hoping this will actually be a lesson to the people who invested a considerable amount of money in this lame brained, confusing undertaking - but that may be hoping for too much.

None the less, let this day serve as a reminder that sometimes the right ideals persevere; common sense can still win the day; and that consumers still wield the greatest power of all over merchandising - the power of life and death.

You can access articles about the long-awaited death of this abomination by: clicking here, or here, or here.

Apparently, consumers who got suckered into buying DIVX will get some sort of credit or rebate. If you own one of these things, I'd check the above-linked sites - and / or contact the place from which you bought your DIVX technology at once...


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