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Did you see that Phelps Victory in the 100m Butterfly?

Hey folks, Harry here... did you see that fucking race? OH MY GOD! I'm an Olympics Junkie. I stay up all night watching crazy events. Archery, Skeet shoot, weightlifting, judo, fencing, round robin baseball, softball and on and on and on. But like most crazed Americans - this fucking Phelps thing has got me. I can't believe that race. For the past several days NBC and the world seems to be conspiring to convince us that Phelps is some sort of SUPERMAN. Yesterday, they did this crazy scan of Phelps where they showed us his "superhuman measurements" and how much more blood his heart pumps than us mere mortals. Other swimmers have been calling him a space alien - a future man - and the hyperbole... well it's catching. I get so caught up in it. Flash to just a bit ago. The race. It really came to two men. Michael "Superman" Phelps... and Milorad "Luthor" Cavic. I'm telling you. Right now. Cavic has got to be transformed into Lex Luthor - he'll be inventing crazy devices to humiliate and destroy Phelps. The race was unbelievable. Phelps lost the race for all but a centimeter of the pool. Cavic was killing Phelps' dream - and as I watched - I was typing to a friend, PHELPS LOST and right as I went to hit ENTER - he won. In a keystroke he changed his fate. The visual looked like Cavic was 4 inches from winning - and Phelps was a foot and a half away - and he made the difference. He won by 1 one hundredths of a second. The narrowest possible margin of victory. And it doesn't make visual sense. I don't care how many times NBC replays it, it seems Cavic won. Phelps' touch is obscured by SPLASH - and they say he won by a fingernail and folks... Folks - it's unfuckingbelievable. The whole race made me believe the dream was just a dream, but the race was reality and the reality was... PHELPS DID IT! It's like he just doesn't know how to lose - it was unreal. Absolutely unreal. I can't believe it actually happened. WOW. What'd you folks think? Way to go PHELPS! Very Cool. And there's not a chance in hell that I'll miss the relay tomorrow! If I was UNIVERSAL - I'd sign Phelps to play Sub-Mariner and give him 3 years of the best acting classes available to become the character. He is a man from Atlantis.

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