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A Geek Goes To War! Samm Levine Reports For BASTARDS Duty!

Beaks here... First, the bad news: there will be no David Krumholtz in INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Now, the good: there will be Samm Levine! Hopefully, you don't need a refresher on Samm Levine, but in case you've somehow avoided FREAKS AND GEEKS for the last eight years, he played Neal Schweiber, the best friend of John Francis Daley's Sam Weir. Levine's always been tough to cast because he still looks a good eight years younger than he really is (if not more). But since war movies are constitutionally required to feature at least one baby-faced soldier, why not go with Levine as one of Pitt's Nazi-killing bastards? I think it's an inspired choice. Meanwhile, the hunt is still on for the pivotal roles of Col. Landa and Shosanna.

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