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VALKYRIE is coming December 26th, 2008!!!

Hey folks, Harry here -- Just got off the phone with an official at MGM that called to let me know that VALKYRIE - which was once set for release on October 3rd, then moved to President's Day in February - well... it has again been moved. Due to the strength of their recent test screenings, they seem to feel the film is strong enough to play in the Holiday season. I'm hoping that MGM is going to push VALKYRIE as a possible Awards Film - by releasing it on December 26th of this year! That's right - KWANZAA is going to have some Hitler assassinating awesomeness! Speaking of which, I recently picked up a fantastic CD of music that's related to all of this.

I love weird old music and when I saw this CD - I had to own it. Instantly. It has some crazy Woody Guthrie stuff, the classic DER FUEHRER'S FACE by Spike Jones and an amazing AMERICAN DEFENSE by Son House. My favorite piece though is "Round & Round Hitler's Grave" by The Almanac Singers. It's just so pleasant when you here a folk song about cutting Hitler's head off. I know that has nothing to do with Singer's VALKYRIE, but I'm just thrilled to see a positive move on the release date - and the confidence to make it a contender in the Awards season! This is great news!

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