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Banal Bloodletting, Random Explosions Sold In Red-Band Clip For You-Know-Who's DEATH RACE!

Beaks here... Used to be geography mattered in the shooting and editing of a car chase. Now, we get garbage like this (hosted by the fetching lads at IGN):
I hope this is a truncated version of what Anderson slapped together for the release cut, but, even then, there seems to be little attempt to place the audience in the action. Throughout the entire clip, you have no idea where Jason Statham's car is in relation to the other vehicles or the "Dreadnought". Harp on Michael Bay all you want, but he at least gives you a sense of where shit is from time to time (check out the freeway smash-up in THE ISLAND if you think I'm wrong); he just doesn't hold on a particular shot for more than a few seconds. That sequence above is incomprehensible in the extreme. It's also rather tame for a red-band clip. But, by all means, please go see DEATH RACE on August 22nd to confirm what you've known about Paul W.S. Anderson since SOLDIER.

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