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Alright folks, I've been out taking a gander at what is a happening with James Cameron as of late, and I tell ya... It's tough to find out things. He's really doing a semi-great job of keeping everything on the QT. However, well... there have been some leaks.

For some time now we've all been aware that John Sayles was undergoing the script writing chores on BROTHER TERMITE (of which he has done 5 drafts)... based on a novel by Patricia Anthony. To read what she has thought of this project check out the latest issue of Interzone, the British SF magazine, for a pretty darn good interview.

Meanwhile, back around the tail end of May, we found out thanks to the Hollywood Reporter that Steve "BLADE" Norrington had the directing gig. Well between now and September Cameron and company will have to re-up their option on the property, but that won't be a problem I've heard.

I have also heard that Cameron has been spotted around ILM, so my natural inclination was to FREAK, so I calmed down... took some breaths and started my process of finding out what is a happening out there. Turns out that LIGHTSTORM has been in the process of shopping the effects around on BROTHER TERMITE.

BROTHER TERMITE is a good tale about aliens having been a part of our lives for several decades before coming above ground and joining the ranks of the power elite. They have a nefarious agenda which we do not know. We have one too, wouldn't ya just know it? Well it turns out that ILM, as well as other companies (of which I do not know the list) are creating tests and proof of concept outputs to show that they can handle a digital character that is based on a real actor's performance. Which sounds pretty darn exciting when thought of in the midst of a James Cameron production scripted by John Sayles and directed by Steve Norrington. At ILM there have been some new software advances being looked at for this project... but they don't have it yet.

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