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Dust Off Short Round!! Seems A GOONIES Follow Up Is Slowly But Surely Rumbling Forward!?!?

Merrick here...
Clint over at Movie Hole says multiple sources (one inside of Warners confirming "a very, very good source") are saying that writers have been attached to a GOONNIES theatrical follow-up & that the project seems to be "inching" forward. This isn't being characterized as a cheap knock-off a la LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE. This is a large scale theatrical release that's going to give the property "the respect it deserves". There are a few more details in the article, including the revelation that Roberto Orci (Bay's TRANSFORMERS films and Abrams' STAR TREK) was, at one point, developing a previous iteration of GOONIES sequel. Read all the details...


There've been rumblings of a GOONIES follow-up for many, many, many years - so God knows how long it'll take this particular effort to come together (if it ever does at all). This said, we recently received a few e-mails indicating that studio minions have been sniffing out possible locales for a project believed to be GOONIES related. The messages were too imprecise to report at the time, but perhaps they should be considered in new light given Movie Hole's report . Know more? I'D LOVE TO HEAR IT!

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