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Here's A Feel-Good Trailer For Gregor Jordan's THE INFORMERS (Written By Bret Easton Ellis)!

Beaks here... You know what I like about Bret Easton Ellis? He has such a cheery outlook on humanity. Consider this:
"The insanity becomes commonplace." "You can't really make it in this town unless you're really willing to do some awful things." "Ow, my butthole!" Sounds like life in Los Angeles to me! This is from director Gregor Jordan, a pretty talented fella whose last two films - BUFFALO SOLDIERS and NED KELLY - were shelved for a year or so before getting dumped by their respective studios (the latter, despite the presence of Heath Ledger, Naomi Watts and post-LOTR/POTC Orlando Bloom, could only manage a domestic gross of $86,959). Thankfully, THE INFORMERS appears to be a much easier sell than his previous pictures (sex and nihilism and Amber Heard strike me as a winning combination). I wouldn't be surprised if this turns up at the Toronto Film Festival next month. Jordan has to catch a break at some point. If the YouTube embed goes dead, it's your fault.

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