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Alright folkerinos... From one long running series to another? I don't know. Who would she be cast as? Eowyn? Arwen? Is there another gal? Hmmmmm.... Strange things are afoot, or at least strange whispers of movie rumors are about. The rumors are building though... I just want this casting stage over with and people nailed down. That way our brains can be put at ease. You know what would be cool though? I'd love it, if when New Line announced it, they had promo shots of each actor in costume and standing in a big group shot in the correct height scale. That'd be very cool. That way it'd instantly answer the "I don't know, I just don't see 'such or such' as 'such or such'" people. Well... here's the scoopers alleged scoop...

Hey Harry, long time reader first time scooper. I live in Melbourne, Australia and i was just watching a really lame late night music show called ground zero, well anyway Claudia Christian( is that how you spell it) Ivanova from Babylon 5 was interviewed at a comic book convention, and the guy talking to her asked if she wanted to be in the next star wars movie, to which she replied " No, not really, ive actually got a part in all 3 lord of the rings movies ". Thought you'd like to hear about it.


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