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Harry has a brief chat with Steven Lisberger (TRON) Regarding TR2N!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - and I'm about as happy as humanly possible. TRON is just about my favorite personal childhood movie. I love it for about every frame that flashes before my eyes, every sound effect and score second. And when Merrick posted that story with details from Jim Hill's piece on TR2N that Steven Lisberger was not involved in this new iteration of TRON... well, my soul grew a little, ever so slightly cold to the project. But because I love TRON so much I was consoling myself with the knowledge that hopefully - the creative forces behind the film were respecting and honoring the fantastic vision of the life and soul we embed into our programs and the world in which they co-exist. Basically, I just didn't want to let go of the enthusiasm that the TR2N crappy pirated footage had given me. As I have compulsively rewatched it, and then heard from friends EVERYWHERE, that they were rewatching it endlessly... Man. This sort of tingly geekgasm isn't often found in our geeky little existence. Well... As I was checking email this afternoon, at 1:18pm - I saw a subject line: Tr2n/Lisberger. I glanced at the "From:" and it said, STEVEN LISBERGER!!! GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I click on the email and read:

Hey Harry- Jim Hill’s piece on Tr2n sounds very dramatic but actually we are trying to put all the drama into the script. I can assure you I am very much involved with Tr2n. It’s a collaborative effort just like the first film was. We have a very talented and dedicated young group and I am doing my best to inspire them as much as they are inspiring me. The trailer, as amazing as it is, is only the beginning. All the best, Steven Lisberger

The email also contained his home and cell numbers... It only took about 22 seconds for me to realize I could call those numbers and speak to the man that created TRON and the world he lived in. I'm sad to say that I didn't actually think about what I was going to say - It was more or less just a compulsive need to learn more. To talk to one of the guys that absolutely affected my noodles in a very geeky way. Of course, I rang him at lunch with his wife, so we will pick up the conversation some time this weekend. But I did say that I wanted to clarify what his capacity was on TR2N and his response was:

My capacity is to be the best creative force I can be on the project and a mentor - which is my job as Producer.

And when I asked him about the work he's done developing a second TRON movie over the past few years and his screenplay, he commented that the development that he's headed up over the past 5 to 7 years has directly led to where the project is today, that it helped to breed the excitement with which the project is being pursued. I then let him go back to lunch with his lovely wife, and we'll pick up this conversation some time this weekend, but I wanted to let all you programs out there to gain the knowledge that Lisberger is Producing and is creatively involved in TR2N!

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