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The WATCHMEN Comic Con Posters At High Res Beauty!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - Like a ton of you, I did not travel to Comic Con - but like you, I've scoured the internet looking at all the images, reading all the news and because so much of the photography is amateurish and at odd angles - it sometimes frustrates me into action. I got sent links to like 3 different sites that took photos of the WATCHMEN comic con posters and they just weren't how I wanted to share them with all of you. So I contacted the folks at Warner Brothers and said, "Hey - can we get damn fine versions of these posters so folks can actually appreciate the artwork?" About 20 minutes ago, they finally sent over the images and I've got them for you folks. Meanwhile over at EMPIRE Online they have 4 new shots from the movie! If you click on each poster, you'll get a much larger high res file. ENJOY:

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